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Our Green Cleaning Concept® is also called the „smart cleaning concept“, because it´s the most hygienical and sustainable Cleaning Concept worldwide and of course it makes a lot of sense

  • To save over 90 – 95% of water
  • To avoid chemicals, pestidides and plastik
  • To save up to 100% of costs for cleaning agents
  • To save up to 50% of time
  • To protect the health of employees, guests, pateints, clients,…
  • To protect our environment
  • To clean and disinfect in one time
  • To remove unpleasent smells – only with microdrystem – during cleaning
  • To protect all kin dof sufaces
  • To reduce the CO2 – footprint
  • To brighten up your image
  • To have the best sustainable advertising
  • To be independent


It´s not an alternative Cleaning System, it´s  the Cleaning Solution of all kind of problems in the clenaing industry!


Through over 35 years of production and development of our unique Industrial- and Microdrysteam-devices for many different industries we are together with our partners worldwide leading with this kind of devices and solutions. Since over 6 years we are the first company worldwide in changing whole companies into Green Cleaning with our products and concepts.

We can offer high quality and the most possible power in this kind of sustainable cleaning products and customized greencleaning solutions combined with our know how and experience in the drysteamtecnology and cleaning industry. 

We can offer Microdrysteamwipe-and/or -Vacuum – devices in different sizes and power, for different industries, with individual attachements.

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