Salt therapy (halotherapy), is the inhalation and exposure of the body to dry salt aerosol. The therapy is a completely natural and safe, clinically proven technique. The main function of the dry salt aerosol is to cleanse and disinfect the respiratory tract and skin. It has a beneficial effect on your well-being and is suitable for asmaticians, people with frequent colds and similar problems.
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We are the CST PLUS company, a leading brand in the field of HALOTHERAPY in Europe, with 10years of experience.

We started the CST story out of sheer passion to help our daughter get healthy. After recurrent colds in her first year of kindergarten – which developed into bronchitis and a dependence on antibiotics and ventulin – we were desperate for healthier solutions. Ones that wouldn’t just suppress the symptoms.

It was then that, by a happy coincidence, we were introduced to salt therapy. The results were remarkable, which prompted us to set up the Center of Salt Therapy, with the desire to introduce this completely natural and clinically proven complementary therapy to as many people as possible. Our medical training and work in the healthcare sector has been a significant contributor to deepening the story of the Center of Salt Therapy and bringing it up to the highest standards of the profession. We are delighted that the benefits and effects of salt therapy are being recognised and increasingly recommended by paediatricians.

Every day, again and again, and with every visitor to the Center of Salt Therapy that we help to alleviate not only respiratory problems, but also skin problems – be they toddlers or adults, it reinforces our belief that we are doing the right things, the good things.

We have really refined our Center of Salt Therapy and our working method over almost a decade and brought it to a level where it is ready to be expanded and thus make this therapy available to a wider range of people. We have created a franchise business model and we invite you to join us in our mission: to help our clients with respiratory and skin hygiene and care, thus contributing to a better quality of life.

If you are ready to commit yourself to fulfilling your mission, please go through the description below and give us a call.

Sara & Rok, founders of CST and passionate advocates for the healing benefits and future of salt therapy.


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